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Mint and dark green together?

Mint and dark green together

Although Katja “can make or his?” Yesterday after your Opinion asked, just today I throw this question also in the room. The Swedish supermodel Frida Gustavsson has her pretty face now set for H & M Winter Collection Pastels available and strangely convinced me a color combination, which I would never have thought so: Mint and Dark Green. But they go together at all, or my eyes playing by today’s gloomy weather a prank?

Therefore, the question now to you: Yay or Nay? Read more »

Make Or Be Let? Wide Leather Pants

Wide Leather Pants

I have a severe weakness for leather. That is you may have noticed. And actually, I’m so far assumed that I now have all the necessary models in the closet. Three jackets, two skirts, two shorts, a T-shirt and slim pants I call my own. Every single part has been worn numerous times, the purchase was worth it. One dress was until recently still on my wish list. But now I’m thinking about backing it up with a wide leather pants. The culprit is Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt, whose look at the Milan Fashion Week, I just do not want to go out of your head.

Used casually, it contributes to the black model, a khaki shirt, a belt with gold buckle and the usual pointy pumps. Much cooler it will not do it? And the online stores have sensed the trend already. With Mango, Net-a-porter and Asos are seductive wide leather pants are in the range. And yet, I still hesitate about to click the order button. Simply is not such a pant to wear viz.

Leather wears on principle always a little. Problem areas may be located in the soft material already allow for narrow cuts barely. But it takes to long forms, the silhouette looks right at first glance a little wider. Furthermore, bulges leather. Sit after a few hours, the pants could no longer look quite so charming.

Nevertheless, the new interface is a great alternative to the standard looks with slim skirts and pants, we are used to in months or more years. Perhaps I’ll give the model of mango sometime soon in the locker room a chance. And what do you think? Make or be let?

Click here for more wide-cut leather pants:

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