‘I can not distinguish counterfeit’

The famous fashion brand Chanel’s chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, the original designs and can not distinguish counterfeit confessed.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel I can not distinguish counterfeit

Fashion giant Chanel’s creative director and head designer Karl Lagerfeld, participated in a program descriptions found surprising.

Program server “At the moment I’m wearing Chanel jacket design” Lagerfeld on to say, “Yes, it stops. But it could be a fake. There are so many fake now that I can not even tell the difference between them, “he said.

Karl Lagerfeld I can not distinguish counterfeit

79-year-old designer, health, mystery every day steamed vegetables, fruit and fish, he said.

The world-famous fashion designer, trying to miss the very cat said. Lagerfeld, in the absence of the second nanny hired in order to keep her cat, cat had a special iPad.

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