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Intimates Romeo and Juliet feeling in the Wildfox White Label Fall / Winter 2012 campaign

Intimates Romeo and Juliet feeling in the Wildfox White Label

Wildfox Oh, I fell really seem hopeless. I think there was so far no campaign that I have not already signed the very first sight of the heart. Intimates with the White Label Fall / Winter 2012 collection is now on Romeo and Juliet feel, but it was under the title “The real world Verona” brought into the present. With the dawn of the cooler half of the year, for me anyway, the cuddle time officially opened and how it should go better than with this collection?

That I set with clouds print anyway someday must call my own, of course with my nickname of itself, but also the mysterious black cat has it done to me. However, the strong focus on rose prints that are both delicate and dominant. Photographer Kimberley Gordon has not only model Marianne Fonseca skillfully staged, but also captured a wonderfully cozy atmosphere that is still very sexy. Read more »

Photography Exhibition: Channels “The Little Black Jacket” in Berlin

Channels The Little Black Jacket in Berlin

“The Little Black Jacket” comes to Berlin after Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sydney and Paris, the exhibition of Chanel now finally stop in Germany. At the opening, is even Karl Lagerfeld himself the honor. On 20 November, he will attend the opening reception in the U3 station and tunnel at Potsdamer Platz. That sounds like an unusual location for such an event. But who would have expected a bit of King Charles the ordinary.

After opening the exhibition “The Little Black Jacket” by Friday 23 November to Friday 14th December 2012 shall be publicly accessible. On the associated visual makes us French actress Elisa Sednaoui – of course in the little black jacket from Chanel – curious about the pictures. We look forward to it!

Discovery of the day: Knot jewelry by Martina Tornow

Knot jewelry by Martina Tornow

Sometimes the simplest ideas are simply the best. Although I like the flashy jewelry like, so I was completely thrilled when I Martina Tornow’s label nodes jewelry stumbled. The goldsmith has taken on the task to create jewelry that will bring together people and makes use of the simple, but important-looking symbol of the node.

This stands for cohesion, love and humanity, and who it is not nice to see a piece of jewelry with meaning to have? Between four variants of the node can be chosen. In addition to the classics, the gold coin 750 solid yellow gold, you can buy jewelry that should be given away as a sign of solidarity. The bound hearts symbolize instead the obvious love between two people. The chain with the many smaller nodes to symbolize the way the nodes on your own life is, however, in the character of interpersonal relations.

All the jewelery of the label are made of solid precious metals and are made in Germany. Really advantageous I think also that we in our own webshop can choose not only the design, but also material and shape of the jewelry itself. I was convinced the simple concept of nodes jewelry and I think the symbolism behind it, and also the implementation quite wonderful. But what do you say to knot jewelry and my discovery of the day?

Click here for some of the pieces from the online store of jewelry node:

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